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Professional Pastry Chef with 19 Years of Experience

I’m an experienced professional pastry chef based in St. Louis, MO. I've made all manner of custom cakes, pastries and baked goods for various restaurants, cafes and hotels. As a young kid, I stood on a chair next to my momma while cooking various meals together and preparing many batches of cookies using a electric hand mixer. After graduating with a music degree and teaching for awhile, I decided to take on baking and pastry as a career path.

 I apprenticed at a high end hotel under an executive pastry chef who was trained by French pastry chef legends. 

Throughout my career, I've always wanted to provide happiness through pastries.

Celebrations of life, love and growth all have desserts at the party.

I've continued the teaching of food with my own children and at Fennel Cooking Studio. I'm sharing not only my sweets, but also the knowledge I've collected over years in the hospitality industry.

Baking Ingredients
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