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Thanksgiving Menu

Apple Pie

Tart granny smith apples lightly sweetened with sugar and cinnamon, baked & topped in buttery pie crust


Pecan Pie

Pecans baked in a maple syrup & brown sugar custard inside a buttery crust


Chocolate Cream Pie

Buttery baked pie crust filled with thick chocolate pot de creme & topped with lightly sweetened whipped cream


Blueberry & Gooseberry Pie

A mix of sweet and sour with the berries in a buttery crust with a braided crust top


Focaccia Bread Loaf

Simple to re-heat beforehand as an appetizer or a side with the meal, seasoned with fresh herbs and sea salt

5x8 pan (pictured) serves 4-6     $7

9x13 pan serves 9-12      $15


Ordering Information

Use the Contact form here

Send an email request here

All orders must be in by end of day Tuesday,

November 14, 2023

Payment options & pick up options will be sent with an email confirmation. You must pay in full before November 18, 2023. If unpaid by the deadline, your order will be canceled.


Pumpkin Pie

Traditional pumpkin pie in a buttery crust


Cherry Pie

Tart pie cherries slightly sweetened, baked in a buttery crust & topped with lattice weave


Key Lime Pie

Tart key lime custard filling in a graham cracker crust with sweet whipped cream on top (does not come sliced)


Pie Prices

9-inch serves 8-12 for $22

6-inch served 2-4 for $10

Fresh Whipped Cream pint for $5


Bread for Stuffing or Dressing

Diced, seasoned & dried, ready for use in stuffing or dressing, could even be used as croutons

Small serves 4-6    $6

Large serves 10-12    $12

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