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Occasion Cakes

Birthday cakes are covered in smooth, fluffy meringue buttercream. It includes a simple 2-3 color design. Additional elements are available for an extra charge. We'll work together to make an amazing cake for any birthday! 


Wedding Cakes

Starting at $4.50/slice, $300 minimum. Whether you're interested in something elaborate or minimal, I will work with you to find the perfect look and taste for your wedding. It includes your choice of cake with a single filling, silky meringue buttercream in the perfect colors and any buttercream decorations. Additional costs occur with fondant, flowers, plaques and more. Each cake is different and takes a different amount of labor to produce. I do not replicate other bakers' work. That being said, send me those ideas you have and I will take inspiration from them without copying another's work.


Cake Pricing

Here is the general pricing page.



The perfect slice of cake in easy to transport packaging. 

Give as a favor at your wedding or party. It's a great gift as a thank you to staff members. Enjoy it at home after a long day. Give as a favor at your wedding or party.

Flavors: Wedding White ~ Double Chocolate ~ Lemon Lemon Curd ~ Fun Birthday Sprinkle ~ S'mores ~ Chocolate Berry ~ Carrot Cake ~ Spiced Apple Cider ~ Mocha


Cake Flavors & Fillings

Cakes: Vanilla ~ Chocolate ~Marble ~ Rainbow-fetti ~ Carrot ~ Lemon ~ Strawberry ~ Wedding White ~ Red Velvet ~ Italian Almond

Buttercream Fillings: Vanilla ~ Chocolate ~ Raspberry ~ Strawberry ~ Salted Caramel ~ Cookies & Cream ~ Toasted Marshmallow ~ Fall Spice ~ Peanut Butter ~ Almond Wedding

Premium Fillings: Lemon Curd ~ Cream Cheese ~ Berry Jam ~ Salted Caramel Sauce ~ Dark Chocolate Ganache 


Cupcakes & Cakepops

Cupcakes $36-42/dozen

Decorated with your theme in mind! 

1 dozen single flavor minimum for orders.

Cake Pops $25-36/doz

A great party favor or buffet addition. Basic cake pops can be colored to match your theme and sprinkles added for more fun. Sculpted cake pops are also available to add to your theme even more. Vanilla or Chocolate only.

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